The Triangle Area Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group (TAMS) serves a diverse group of scientists from both academia and industry. TAMS is based in the Research Triangle Park, conveniently located between Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh. Attendance at the monthly meetings is typically 50-75 scientists and students, with some meetings drawing in excess of 100 people.

TAMS was created to meet the interests of a variety of scientists with diverse backgrounds.  Due to the large number of local scientists in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, many of the seminars are weighted towards these areas. However, we attempt a balanced program between theory and applications, while also trying to provide prospective on the history of mass spectrometry for the younger generation of mass spectrometrists studying at local universities.  

Current TAMS Officers

Chris Shuford (LabCorp) - President

Erin Baker (N.C. State University) - Treasurer

Leslie Hicks (UNC Chapel Hill) - VP for Events

TAMS Contributors

Scott Mellors (908 Devices)

Erik Soderblom (Duke University)

Will Thompson (Duke University)

Russell Grant (LabCorp)

Gary Glish (UNC Chapel Hill)

Arthur Moseley (Duke University)